Second level students.

‘I need a focus’

‘I don’t know what to put on the CAO’

‘I have to choose subjects and worry about my choices’

Know what courses will give you satisfaction and success!

“Do my subjects really matter?” "What course would suit me best?" “Choosing for the CAO is a nightmare!” How many times have you heard this? While these are common concerns, they are very real.

Your subject choices do matter – they play a role in your plan for the future. 

It is also important that there is a match between the course you aim for and your interests, natural abilities and career aspirations.  Aligning a plan with these factors will play a major role in your overall satisfaction and success.

Why? Because people who know exactly what sort of course they want to take will usually find it easier to concentrate on their studies than those who are not clear. 

Why again? When you know what general area to focus on, you are more confident, and will only look at courses you know will suit you and furthermore, you know what they need to achieve. 

Finally, you will choose a course that is likely to give satisfaction and success; a course of study that is a real part of your career plan.

What can I expect ?

Career Confidence offers career guidance that takes you through a structured individual process to help you make good decisions.  The output is a clear idea of what you to focus on, a deeper insight into courses that are aligned with choices and most importantly, ‘how’ to get there. 

If you enjoy your learning and have a clear focus, you have a much greater chance of being successful.

The process also helps to build confidence and a positive attitude; because you know where you’re going. 

As part of the process, one of tools I use is ‘The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)’.  One of the world’s most respected instruments, the HPI is ‘An inventory of the personality characteristics needed for success in careers, relationships & life’.   Simply put, the HPI looks at your preferences and helps to identify your career personality type. 

You can then plan your journey via further education, apprenticeships, CAO, university, college, Erasmus, internships, and work – whatever best fits your plans for the future!

Career Guidance Benefits

  • Assists students make learning choices appropriate to their interests and aspirations
  • Helps students obtain accurate, up-to-date information about various careers
  • Makes sense of the ‘next’ level - the subjects, courses, learning and work
  • Provides information you need in an accessible, timely and straightforward manner

Case Study: John - Engineer

When John’s mum contacted ‘Career Confidence’, he was half way through his transition year.  You might find it hard to believe, but John had heard about the service from a friend who had raved about it!  He had asked his mum to make the contact and explore it further.  John had done 2 work experiences and had found both of them boring.  He was also faced with making subject choices – and found it difficult as he didn’t know what he wanted to be or where he was going after school.  It worried him that he had not found a direction and he believed everyone else had a plan.  John engaged very well and enjoyed participating in the consultation – it was easier in many ways than he thought – not like real testing! It really helped him to understand how he could start to think for himself. He was much happier after the consultation, having decided on not just subjects, but another work experience and the possibility of going to an open day in further ed and also a university.  He had so many exciting options. 

What I really appreciated about the session is that John took the time for himself’ and owned his plan. I really enjoyed working with John and his mum.

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“Mary was a great help to my daughter who is going into 6th year and had no idea what she wanted to do after her leaving. Mary’s structured approach was excellent and my daughter left the process informed and much clearer in how to approach and what options there is for both college and longer term. I would highly recommend , thanks again”