Online Career Guidance.

Do I need Guidance?

At Career Confidence, we are very pleased to now offer a blended online career guidance consultancy service.  This means that part of your consultation involves online testing and information gathering and part of it involves engaging online with a professional career guidance counsellor.   

So what does this mean?

Prior to your online sessions, you will receive a clear outline of what to expect. 

The process will involve setting aside half a day for the process. 

This half day includes pre and post assessment consultations and testing. 

It is preferable that you use a PC / laptop and not a phone or tablet for this process.

During your sessions, your career guidance consultant will bring you through results and give advice on your decisions,  courses, and career and employment options. 

Everything is designed with you in mind.


Blended Consultation – €650 to include

Introduction  to the new online process  and initial consultation (1 hour)

Home guidance – Completing online tests/ questionnaires (1 hour)

Consultation to offer overview and results  (approx. 1 hour)

Payment is due in advance of your consultation via the web payment system.

Follow-Up Consultations – Optional (1 hour): €200

Payment is due in advance of your consultation via the web payment system.

More detail – how does it work?

Preliminary Questionnaire

The first step is to learn “how” to go through this process; an exercise that is designed with you in mind.  The aim is to keep it uncomplicated, stress-free and almost fun!  

You can choose when suits you best and book your appointment, which will take half a day.  You will receive all necessary information.  This initiates the process.

First Online Consultation.

Your first consultation will explore your past experiences. This part of the process explores your journey to now, including your interests and motivators.  The aim is to appreciate your talents and value how you best learn.   This will take 1 hour.

It can be taken in the comfort of your own home, in a setting that will work for both you and the professional engaged with you..

Online Testing.

The assessments or tools used explore your learning history, interests and personality traits in relation to work.  The objective is to collect a learning about “you” – what you like to learn and do well, that is unbiased and scientific.  Tests may include the HPI Personality Test.

Online assessments to explore you, your interest in a variety of activities, and help determine the careers and areas of study you are most likely to enjoy will be used. 

All tests are suitable for a wide range of people and will be clearly explained.

Online career tests are useful for guidance and contribute to the analysis and individual profiling that career guidance offers.

Second Consultation

The process will then move back to a one hour  consultation with a Professional Career Guidance Counsellor, where all results are explained and a plan outlined.

What assessments are used?

To learn more about options that match your personality type, a HPI Personality Profiler may be used.  The HPI Personality Report will set out the careers that suit your personality type and learn about your preferred work tasks and ideal work environment. 

Other online interest and exploratory tests may also be used.

Innovative Blended Service. 

The online service has been specifically designed for those who are unable to work face to face, and will be continually developed and re-evaluated.   Career Confidence is seeking to ensure that you can access and engage with a high quality personal career guidance service at the current time, when so much learning and engagement is moving online. 

The process is taking a blended approach so we will stay engaged and offer a personalised service.  We are committed to ensuring a quality accessible service and will continuously evaluate the process.

Security. We take security very seriously and continually evaluate it in line with best practice.


  • 1. Make an appointment and commence engagement with the process
  • 2. Initial consultation exploring where you are at now
  • 3. Complete assessments over an hour
  • 4. Engage in a second online session to discuss your results and options with the consultant.
  • 5. View feedback via email and evaluate the process.