Have a Question?

How long does the online program take?

The online program is directed by you.  When booking, I ask that you fix a date for our meeting – which will take place towards the end of the program.  

Then the program starts and you do some work in your own time – you will engage in an online meeting after this work is completed.  This sets a realistic deadline so you can have your ‘homework’ done!

The online meeting typically takes 2 hours – with breaks if needed.  

How many consultations do I need to attend for?

The program involves more than just a consultation.  It is designed to be flexible and work with you.  It is an in-depth process that does take time – but aims to provide you with the information you need to move forward.  There is one consultation when you have completed your work but I am available during work hours if you need me.

Will the program help me to focus on what I want to be for the rest of my life?

We all know that the world of work is changing – now more than ever before.  There are now jobs we could never have dreamt up, new ways of work and new practices every other day.  

These changes effect not just what we do but also how we do it.  So – job security and having just one career may be a thing of the past.  

The program is designed to help you focus on now while also being aware of the future.  It is about thinking about the present while also learning somethings about yourself that will assist you on your career journey.

Many people seek greater ‘career security’ when they learn how to ‘design’ and ‘redesign’ themselves.  Career security is when you know you are doing what you are good at, and can pick up new and good jobs quickly in this area and most importantly – it feels right.  

Why do I need psychometrics – even if I've been tested before?

Psychometrics are tools to be used as part of an overall program – and it is important that we have an up to date picture of your journey to date.  But they are just tools and what we use is considered around your needs.  Don’t worry – it’s not like an exam.  It’s more of an exploration.

It is useful to analyse what you are currently interested in like learning as part of the program.  Skills can improve, interests can also change.  Personality tends to be a firm foundation while some traits can be developed.  Learning also plays a role.  The key is to use all these results together with other information gathered and design a picture – no one thing should be used in isolation.  Together it assists us to identify what you will focus on.

It is also useful to observe things from your position as you are the decision maker rather than from the viewpoint of a parent, teacher, company or manager.   While sharing the plan with your main supporters is of benefit.

What tests do you use?

As part of the process I can use one of the world’s most respected instruments: The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) – ‘An inventory of the personality characteristics needed for success in careers, relationships & life.  The HPI looks at your preferences and helps to identify your personality type.  This in turn helps to recognize the factors you would need to get job satisfaction.

But tests are just a part of the process.  All instruments aim to be accessible and inclusive.  And your needs are factored into decisions around testing.

Are you a member of any professional body?

I am an associate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland and The British Psychological Society and a member of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors.

When is a good time to engage in career guidance?

When you need to – generally from transition year is a good time to start to consider options.  But there are many times that people need to consider their options – at times of transition or if they are unhappy or have lost their job.

The program is online - how can we keep it social while physically distanced?

We work together – from a distance.  

While you are working through the program, be assured I am working in the background on your behalf analysing test scores, revising our work together and compiling your report.  I am never far away if you need to call text or email.  The program is at a comfortable pace and if you run into difficulty you can contact me and I will get back you as soon as I can.  There are no emergencies!

I may also need to engage with other professionals on your behalf – this is with your agreement.  

I also like to hear what you think about the program – I am also continuously redesigning it and very open to new ideas.

“Many thanks for this. I am going to go through it all again tonight. Can not thank you enough – changing college is such a worry. I am so relieved to know I can transfer and feel like I have not wasted a year. The slight change of direction will also work for me.”

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