'Inclusive' Career Guidance

I was tired of being told more about what I couldn’t do – and needed to know what I could do…

Believe it! It can happen!!

The Ethos of Career Confidence - 'Inclusive' Guidance

I deliver an ‘Inclusive’ Career Guidance service to assist you identify and appreciate all options on offer; while also making choices that will work best, for you.   I assist students obtain accurate information about ‘inclusive’ learning and work so that they can make informed choices about transitions – and concentrate on strengths and talents.  This can include making sense of applications (including further education, third level, DARE) and raising awareness about various supports on offer on campus and in the workplace.  

The goal is to enable you to realise your true potential.

Uniquely I am part of a Professional Multidisciplinary Network.  This is a Team of Professionals involved in educational and personal development.  I believe this is an added benefit, not just for clients with a disability, but all of my clients.  

For Clients:  It ensures a safe and trustworthy referral network  and provides a good support system when needed. 

For myself and my colleagues:   We support each other as professional colleagues with informal support meetings; this develops our skills as we work from different disciplinary viewpoints.  

Case Study: Brian - Youth Worker

Brian had just been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.  He never thought he was much good in school and wasn’t even sure he liked all of it to be honest while his exam results were fine.  The thought of more school after school didn’t appeal at all and he wasn’t sure about career guidance.  What he didn’t appreciate was all the options for learning after school that would work for him. 

I really enjoyed working with Brian and his parents as it made him feel like he too could have a goal – he was excited about his plan and I was able to put him in touch with others on the multidisciplinary team to support his DARE application .

If you would like to know more, contact me.

I am happy to receive texts, emails or a scheduled call - whatever is most accessible for you. I am also committed to ensuring accessibility throughout the service I offer. Please contact me to explore this further.

Firstly thank you very much for your help with Tom. Having changed from business to youth work after he discovered he had dyslexia, he is so happy and is loving life! In spite of his original doubts – he believe now he is on the right path.
I have passed your number on to a few family friends I hope you are getting a few referrals!

Youth Worker