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‘I’m not sure I made the right choice in my college course? Can I change?”

Don't worry - you can still make positive changes that will result in career satisfaction and success!

What do I Do Now?

This has not been a wasted journey – every experience plays a role in your future. 

What is so often underestimated is the match between what you are learning (be it in further education or college) and your interests, ability and career aspirations.  Aligning a course with these factors plays a major role in your overall satisfaction and success.  And its not as easy as it sounds.

Why? Because people who know exactly what they want usually find it easier to concentrate on their studies than those who are not clear. 

Why again? When you can identify a personal goal to focus on, you are more confident, and will know what you need to achieve. 

Furthermore you will end up with a plan that is likely to give you greater satisfaction and success; and that then is your career plan. 

Career Confidence – career guidance takes you through a structured individual process to help you decide what is most likely to bring you satisfaction and therefore success. The output is a clear identification of a goal you can focus on, a deep insight into how courses are aligned with your career area of choice will work for you and how you can get there. 

The process also helps to build and rebuild confidence in your choices – because as a result you will know where you’re going, and what you are doing. 

As part of the process I use one of the world’s most respected instruments: including The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) – ‘An inventory of the personality characteristics needed for success in careers, relationships & life.  The HPI looks at your preferences and helps to identify your personality type. This in turn helps to recognize the factors you would need to get job satisfaction.

You can then make a new plan for your journey whether it is via further education, apprenticeships, CAO, university, college, Erasmus, internships, or work.   What is most important is that your choices best fit your plans for your future!


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“Thank you Mary for all the work and information. John really benefited from your service. He was struggling with his course work in college, had failed on some of his assignments last year, and was just very fed up. He is now so much more hopeful about his new direction! He is a different person – happier and believes that it suits him so much more. Regards Margaret (Johns mum).”

Engineering student